Dues, Training, Forms

MGA Membership Renewal: Pay dues by check: $15.00

Annual EMG Re-enrollment form—Due Jan 31st of every year

Re-Enrollment Form

EMG Hours System (VMS)

Required Forms

  • One Day Form; to be used as needed, by visiting volunteers, on a daily basis

Criminal Background Screening

Go to the Background check brochure on this website for full details of this new program.

For further information read the Background Q and A document

Civil Rights Training

Go to the Civil Rights Training linkOnce you have viewed the presentation, please send an email, stating you have viewed.

Risk Management Training

Risk Management for VCE MG Volunteers 2016
Standards of Behavior all with kids elderly or infirm: form ( annual requirement)

Risk Management Card

Request for Emeritus Status

Request for Emeritus Status Form

Request for Inactive Status

Request for Inactive status

Request for Return from Inactive Status

Request for Return Form

Request for Reimbursement


Media Release Form (PDF)

Media release statement

Project Authorization Form