Executive Board Job Descriptions

JCC/W Master Gardeners Association
Executive Board Job Descriptions
Revised  March 1, 2017

All Board members agree to meet for a 1-2 hour board meeting once every month.  All are expected to give monthly reports when needed at the general membership meetings.  All board members are responsible to the JCC/W MGA President and the Coordinating JCC Extension Agent.

Duties of the President

  1. Leads the organization in pursuit of its stated goals and coordinates the association’s activities so they support JCC Extension Office and follow State guidelines.
  2. Prepares agendas for and presides at the general meetings and meetings of the Executive Board.
  3. Assists and supports fellow Board members with their assigned duties.
  4. Works with Board members to appoint leaders for association activities outlined below.
  5. Serves as an advisor on action committees and represents the organization when requested by JCC Extension Office or by consensus of the Board.
  6. Serves as the liaison between the JCC Extension Office and both the membership and the Executive Board.
  7. Holds second association checkbook for emergency check-writing.
  8. Fields emails and other correspondence from outside organizations, sending to appropriate board member or directly to membership.

Duties of President Elect

  1. Moves into position of President after one year or assumes presidency should current President become unable to complete elected term.
  2. Serves in the absence of the President at Executive Board meetings and general membership meetings.
  3. Works closely with the Membership Chair to insure accurate membership data.
  4. Attends Committee meetings.
  5. Attends Board meetings.
  6. Works closely with the Administrative Vice President, Internal Education VP and Treasurer to insure all required forms and training are completed and dues received in a timely manner.
  7. Coordinates distribution of the Recertification form with Extension Agent by February 1 via email whenever possible.
  8. Oversees planning of an annual social event for the unit.

Duties of the Immediate Past President  

  1. Attends Board meetings as a non-voting member.
  2. Serves as an advisor to the President and to the rest of the board members, maintaining continuity of ongoing activities and programs, and providing assistance to the current president.
  3. Undertakes additional duties as assigned by the current president or by consensus of the Board, to include serving as an advisor to any Reserves Task Force established by the current Board and representing the association at VCE Leadership Council meetings.

Duties of the Vice President for Projects

  1. Guides the formation and implementation of MG Educational Projects. This involves helping Master Gardeners creating a new project to (1) follow the guidelines of VCE Sustainable Landscape Practices and local guidelines, (2) fill out the proper project form, (3) have project approved by the JCC Ext. Agent, our MG association board and membership and entered into the VCE State Record Keeping System.  Each approved project must then be coordinated with our Volunteer Hours chairperson who keeps projects current on hours activity sheet and local hours recording system.
  2. Keeps all Educational Projects current in the VCE State Record Keeping System.  This involves keeping all continuing projects current and removing any terminated projects. Each project must be updated by the project chairperson annually, no later than February 15, and the revised form entered into the State system.  Educational Projects involving youth will be coordinated with the 4H Extension Agent.
  3. Explains and provides on-going project information to all active Master Gardeners.  This involves providing a list of all current educational projects (including Help Desk) listing chairpersons with phone and e-mail, times of project activities and short project descriptions distributed to the MG membership via the newsletter and/or local website in January.
  4. Coordinates the activities of the Project Chairs and helps them resolve any concerns.  This includes organizing semi-annual meetings of all project chairs, preparing the agenda and presiding over the meeting.
  5. Works with the Training Class Coordinator and VP for Internal Ed. in establishing Core and Electives for Interns.  Provides description and pertinent information on these projects for Training Class Coordinator and assists in explaining the Core Projects to the new class.
  6. Provides current relevant information about on-going projects to the Board members and general membership.
  7. Collects via monthly reports from project leads, contact counts for projects and provides information to JCC Extension Agent.

Duties of the Vice President for Internal Education

  1. Facilitates the MG Training Class by serving on the steering committee. This includes acting as liaison with the Training Class Coordinator(s), Board and Extension when requested.
  2. Notifies members that 8 re-certification hours are required annually. At general meetings and/or via website & newsletter, notifies members of lectures, workshops, trips, seminars and other published horticultural enrichment activities that may qualify for re-certification hours.
  3. Chairs Education Committee. This committee sets general monthly meeting programs and trips for association members.
  4. Ensures that members update VCE risk management every 3 years, maintains records and notifies VP of Administration of any member deficiencies.
  5. Ensures that members (including interns & transfers) have Volunteer Enrollment Forms on file in VCE office.
  6. Oversees annual graduation event.

Duties of the VP/Administration

  1. Oversees association membership committee, which handles roster, transfers, updating registration info on state records system.
  2. Monitors the 20 hours of required volunteer time of all active members, reminding members to report their hours in a timely fashion and ensure completion of State requirements by end of year.
  3. Collects recertification form and provides to Membership chair for roster updating.
  4. Oversees hours keeper/state system hours recorder.
  5. Oversees Fundraising Activities: Annual Plant Sale, Wood Products, MG logo Items.
  6. Oversees Communication via Website, Publicity and Newsletter.
  7. Oversees the work of the Nominating Committee.
  8. Ensures members (interns and transfers) have completed ALL required forms to include but not limited to the Recertification Form, Standards of Behavior, Civil Rights Training, and Risk Management according to the timetable for each item.

Duties of the Secretary

  1. Takes minutes at Board Meetings and General Meetings, has both reviewed by board members and others participating for additions and corrections, files both with other important papers and sends both to the MG website chair.
  2. Reserves room for Board Meetings.
  3. Keeps updated copies of JCCW MGA by-laws and Executive Board Member job descriptions.
  4. Serves as Sunshine Chair.
  5. Keeps one safe deposit box key.
  6. Produces copy of 501©(3) “Conflict of Interest” statement in July of each year for signature by all Executive Board Members for file.
  7. Updates list of board members, committee and project leaders with information provided by other board members

Duties of the Treasurer   

  1. Manages all funds of the organization, recording transactions, writing checks, reimbursing expenditures and receiving funds.  Prepares and presents monthly financial reports at all Board Meetings and General Meetings.
  2. Presents an initial budget proposal for the next year at the October Board Meeting and a final proposed budget at the November Board Meeting.  This includes presenting and explaining the final proposed budget to the general membership for membership approval at the December General Meeting.
  3. Serves as an advisor to any Reserves Task Force established by the president and executive board.  This includes presenting final proposals to the general membership for approval and integrating the conclusions into the annual budget.
  4. Serves as Custodial Treasurer for all Advanced Master Gardener Programs, the Annual Training Class, MG Apparel, Activity Chairpersons and others that may be requested by the board.
  5. Works with Property Manager to maintain inventory of all physical property owned by the Association.
  6. Maintains association safe deposit box and list of contents.
  7. Holds copies of 501(c)(3) approval letter from IRS to provide when requested.
  8. Holds copies of letter regarding association state tax exemption to provide when needed.
  9. Holds association debit cards (if such exist). 

Duties of the VMGA State Representative 

  1. Attends the meetings of the Virginia Master Gardener Association (VMGA) as representative of our MGA.  This includes preparing and giving reports on projects and activities by the members of our group as recommended by the president and/or Extension Agent.
  2. Presents summaries of the State meetings and activities at the monthly Board meetings and to the membership at the general monthly meetings.
  3. Serves as an advocate of the VMGA with our local membership, encouraging and assisting our members to join the State organization, use the VMGA website and participate in VMGA-sponsored programs.

JCC Extension Agent

  1. Attends Board meetings as a non-voting member to advise the Board on community needs that VCE Master Gardeners could address (possible VCE Special Projects or Educational Projects).
  2. Reviews and approves all VCE MG Educational Projects.
  3. Attends general meetings when possible.

Revised March 1, 2017