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   Turf Love

Turf Love

Turf Love is a partner program between James City County Stormwater, the James River Service Authority and Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardener volunteers.  Through public workshops and home visits, Extension Master Gardener volunteers (called Lawn Rangers) teach homeowners how to produce healthy turf while reducing the use of fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides which pollute streams, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay.  Water conservation is also promoted through proper mowing techniques. Turf Love is the gateway to Garden Love, which educates the homeowner on the use and applications of rain gardens to manage stormwater in an environmentally friendly way.    Information and answers to questions on lawn, soil and weeds are given at the MG Farmers’ Market booth every other week.


Cost: $30.00 (to be mailed with application)

Registration: open year round

Application: Turf Love Application

Pruning Clinics


The Pruning Clinic is an environmental program that promotes sustainable landscapes.  The program provides educational training to community groups and homeowners on pruning and care of ornamental shrubs and small trees.  The program offers workshops and home-based pruning lessons for individual homeowners and small groups.  Pruning sessions are scheduled in the winter/early spring. Homeowners and groups are instructed in pruning techniques, appropriate tools and are provided with additional resources on pruning instruction.

Cost: Free

Registration: December 15 – January 21 (now closed)

Landscape Love

Landscape Love 

Extension Master Gardeners teams educate homeowners on Best Management Practices for a beautiful, healthy, and sustainable landscape. The program will also seek to enhance water quality and conservation practices to restore and protect our local watersheds. Staff and trained Extension Master Gardener volunteers will develop educational materials, complete onsite homeowner visits, and suggest planting and maintenance recommendations including:

• Appropriate plant selection, placement and care, efficient irrigation and fertilization and Integrated Pest Management practices.

• Reducing the use of water, fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, and fossil fuels

• Suggesting appropriate plant materials and routine maintenance to assure success by encouraging the use of native plants, trees, and shrubs, composting, and reuse of yard debris.  Reinforce the elements of a sustainable landscape.

• To educate local homeowners, Homeowner Associations, and community groups on the adverse environmental effects of landscape practices and their relationship to the environment such as the use of exotic invasive species, mulches from declining resources and storm water surface runoff.

• Establishing diversified landscape practices which support habitat preservation for wildlife and a healthier environment.

Cost: free

Registration–two sessions annually:
Spring: March 15-April 15
Fall: August 15-September 15


Tree Call

Meyer Tree

This is a new 2016 program to respond to community needs for assistance with issues concerning trees.  Initially the program will respond to calls through the EMG Help Desk concerning tree issues.  JCC/W Tree Stewards in 2-3 person teams visit homes to better define the issue and take samples that will be sent to VT to analysis. A final report to the homeowner will include results of the VT analysis and care recommendations based on the VT document Integrated Pest Management for Homes.

Cost: free

Registration: open year-round

Application: email  Kate Robbins @ kateor@vt.edu with name, address, brief description of problem and picture if possible